Welcome to Cabin Fever Essentials.  A more natural life style has always been our goal. Our small home based business located in the Rideau Lakes area was born out of my desire and obsession to create more natural skincare products for myself and my family. This obsession grew with the birth of my first child in 2014. I am a stay at home mom and although I love my two children and spending time with them I was desperate for my own identity. I was definitely suffering from some “cabin fever.” I started creating products of my own, using only natural and organic ingredients including essential oils and beeswax. I have been creating and perfecting my own handmade, natural products for several years now and I have finally created some wonderful, skin loving products made with all-natural, mostly organic ingredients.  So far, my products are all anhydrous, which simply means that they are made without water, and because they are also made without synthetic preservatives, they have a longer shelf life.  Beeswax is a wonderfully skin nourishing natural resource and you will find it in many of my natural products. I also use beeswax to make ornaments and candles. Beeswax is known for having air purifying benefits and when it is melted the sweet aroma of honey is simply irresistible.

My line now includes many skincare products, therapeutic essential oil blends, beeswax candles and lava bead jewelry.

My husband Garett has a natural talent for creating things out of wood and my parents have an old barn. He has been using the barn board to create beautiful pieces of household art such as end grain cutting boards, serving trays and clocks. We are proud to share our products with our local community and beyond.

Please visit our Etsy Shop to see some of the products that are currently for sale. Stay tuned for updates in my creative journey!

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