Self Care! Cabin Fever Essentials’s Tips and Tricks to Ensure You Are You Taking Care of “Yourself”

Self-care is very important, now during this pandemic, more than ever! All too often we ignore our own needs to accommodate those of others who we love and care for, especially as women. There are many things we can do to ensure we are living our best lives and being our best selves because we can’t be there for our families if we’re not. Let Cabin Fever Essentials help you!

I’ve compiled a list of things that I know help me to try and stay sane during these uncertain times. Whether you are a frontline worker and you rely on your self care time during your time off or a stay at home mom who takes time for herself during the chances she gets, everyone needs time to simply care for themselves.


Get outside! Fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for your mental state. Go for a walk, perhaps call a friend and walk together while chatting on the phone. Clear your mind however you can because a clear mind is a productive mind. Play with your kids or just sit back and watch them. They have such wonderful imaginations. Take your dog for a walk and play outside.

Exercise! Exercise is amazing for your body, but also your mind. I feel like superwoman after I exercise and it motivates me to keep doing it. Practise Yoga. Yoga allows you to stretch and calm your body and reduce tension in your muscles and also your mind. Win win! There are classes streaming online. Check out the Ledger Room on Instagram for yoga classes taught by amazing instructors or Gan Fitness on Facebook for a boot camp workout that will kick you into high gear. Have kids? Check out Cosmic kids yoga on YouTube. It’s not nearly as relaxing, but kids love it and you can benefit from joining in as well.

Meditate! Alone time is very important for our mental states. And not just physical alone time, but a clear space in our heads. Sometimes we need to shut everything out and shut everything down and clear our minds. Headspace is a really great mediation app. I love lying on my bed and listening to the soothing voice.

Group video chat with friends and family. Since we’re physically social distancing we still need to have our girl talks and chats. Set up a group chat using Facebook messenger or Houseparty. My girlfriends and I did this and it really helped relieve stress and pressure. We talked about how we are all handling, or not handling, the current situation right now and most importantly, we laughed. Laughing is very therapeutic! So grab a refreshment and virtually cheers to each other’s good health.

Read a book! 📚 I admit, I’m not a big reader. I’ve always wanted to be, and although I go in phases I usually resort to watching a show instead. Reading lets your mind go to a place where you have to imagine everything and that is very powerful. There is no room for daily mind clutter when you’re reading.

Write in a journal! Self-reflection is so important right now. Write down your thoughts, get them out and on paper. Reread them and think about what you wrote and why. Go back to those words every couple of days and see what’s changed.

Cook! 👩‍🍳 Find new recipes and try something new. Make theme nights: Mexican, vegetarian, pasta night, comfort food night. Learn new techniques. For some of us right now, cooking and eating is a central focus, so may as well just let it happen!Try baking your own bread. It’s super easy, especially if you use a bread maker. I’ve been making my own bread for years and I’ll never go back to store bought bread again. Homemade bread is so yummy.

Eat well! Make smoothies. They can really equal a meal if you make them right. Include lots of fruit and some green, like spinach or kale. Add some flax seed and chia seeds. Mix in some yogurt. A frozen banana makes a smoothie extra creamy. Make healthy snacks like energy bites or granola bars. Fill them full of protein rich butters and seeds and all natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup. Not your kids or your spouse or even yourself will know how healthy these little bite sized morsels are. Perhaps try making your own almond milk or oat milk. I’d love to share some recipes with you!
Have kids? Share the responsibility! Many kids love helping in the kitchen and if you can handle the mess and just have fun it’s a great learning experience for little and bigger ones.

Hobbies? I love crocheting. It’s proven to be helpful in reducing stress. There are lots of YouTube videos for beginners to help you get started. Bella Coco is my favourite. She’s based out of the UK so you have to get used to her terminology, but she also gives you the American terms as well.

What about gardening?! Plant your own garden. It gets you outside and provides some exercise. Boxes checked ✅ I’ve started many vegetables and lettuces inside and there’s still time to do that. Surely the last frost has come and gone by now. 🤞


I have some nighttime rituals for sure. Here are some things you can do in the evening to self soothe and help clear your mind of the days’ stresses and worries or hopefully let you reflect on the fun and happy moments.

Prep your bedtime space. Spray some all natural linen spray on your bed and around your room. Go have a bath and when you re-enter your room you’ll be hit with a calming scent that will help you unwind.

Take a bath! Prep your space. Take the toys out of the bathtub. Get your robe and slippers ready. Set the mood, light a candle, toss in a bath bomb, play some music or listen to a podcast, meditate (calm or headspace app). Baths are very therapeutic.
After bath time put on your robe and treat yourself to a little spa pampering treatment. I use all natural body butter (Cabin Fever Essentials of course!) to lock in moisture to my just hydrated skin. I moisturize my hands with a healing hand balm and stick them in some 100% cotton gloves.

Wind down time! Whether you feel like putting on a pair of headphones and listening to that podcast or turning on your favourite show, sometimes we just need to turn off and tune in. For me it’s
Netflix, Netflix, Netflix. My tv time is so important to me. I need it. It allows me to just sit and relax and tune out.

Now is the time to enjoy an herbal tea. My favourites are chocolatey chai and lemon ginger. 🍋 🍵

Bedtime! 🛌 Crawl into bed. Apply some sleepy time essential oils like lavender and chamomile to help your mind wind down. Read a couple pages from your current book before putting on your sleep mask and drifting off to dreamland.

Now of course I’m not suggesting that you complete this entire list in just one day. Who has time for that?! Just try to squeak in as much self care throughout the day and night as you can. We are in the middle of a global pandemic. Who ever thought they’d say that? Right! We need to keep it together now more than ever. Of course it’s okay to have your weak moments. I had one today when my kids wouldn’t go to sleep and I really needed the day to be done. Tomorrow is another day. Let’s hope it’s a good one.

Take care everyone and stay safe and healthy.

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