Wipe Away the Day

Going camping? No shower facilities? No problem!

I love camping. My parents started taking me and my siblings on camping trips and to our cabin outside of Algonquin Park from the time we were infants. Not having direct use of water or bathing facilities is something I have grown accustomed to when on excursions such as those. However, I still like to make sure I’m clean and that my kids can crawl into their cozy little beds without feeling dirty. You’re lucky if you have a lake nearby or even luckier if you have a source of running water, but what if the public washrooms are gross, far away or non-existent?! When I take my kids camping I usually bring along some wipes and some cloths and give them what we call a “wipe down.” However, I was always wishing for something that made us feel a little more fresh than just water. I started thinking about the “bum spray” I used to clean my babies’ bums during a diaper change. So I started experimenting with different recipes that I found online and most of them fell short. They were either too soapy or too smelly. After many attempts I finally created the perfect, “bath in a bottle.”

A gentle and natural blend of lavender water, aloe Vera, witch hazel, Castile soap and essential oils will make you feel refreshed for a good night’s sleep.

Next time you go camping or just need a little refresher, bring along some camp spray and a cloth or paper towel. Wipe everything from faces to feet so you can feel fresh and clean cozying up in your sleeping bag. Just spray some camp spray onto a damp cloth, or paper towel if you want to use something disposable or burnable, and wipe away the dirt you accumulated during the day from having “all the fun!”

I used “bum spray” and cloth wipes on both of my babies, but I have to admit I used a lot of disposable wipes as well. They are so easy and convenient especially for long road trips or for camping. However, if you have any empty plastic wipes containers just re-use them and pour some camp spray on a roll of paper towel or cloth wipes and voila, just as convenient and they smell better and aren’t full of chemicals.

*Note: This method will only last a week or so.

Witch hazel is a natural preservative as is tea tree oil so this blend will keep for approximately 6 months. Keep it in your fridge to extend its life if you have a camping trip coming up and want to stock up.

Use it as a quick alternative to washing hands as well if you’re about to chow down on some delicious hotdogs after a day of digging in the dirt. Or spray some on your underarms to freshen them up. This spray is very multipurpose!

Although this spray is very gentle and safe for all ages, it does contain essential oils so please use with caution.

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