Bye Bye Buggies

Ugh! Bugs. Just when the weather gets nice, sun is shining and we all want to be outside, why do the bugs decide to join us?! First black flies, then mosquitoes, followed by deer flies and horseflies. What the heck! And of course we can’t forget ticks. Bug season is upon us! How do we prevent these pesky creatures from bothering us and worse, biting us. Well I have a solution! Do you use a deet-based bug spray or do you prefer an all natural one? I have created an all purpose natural bug spray: Go Away Spray and an essential oil roll-on deterrent blend: Bye Bye Buggies. The main ingredient is lemongrass, but it also includes some other delightful essential oils that bugs do not like.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not entirely against deet-based bug repellents because for one, they work! I simply do not like putting them on my skin or my children’s skin. That is why the bug spray and oil that I have created leave a delightful smell to humans but not too bugs and it is safe to put on your skin and your clothing.

My first true test to see if this stuff really works was during my last pottery class. We were firing our raku pieces in the outdoor kiln and the black flies were thick. I actually had to wear a bug net. I brought my bug spray and I let my classmates use it as well and they all said that before I arrived the blackflies were much worse than after they sprayed Go Away Spray. I also spray a little bit around the edges of my children’s rooms and around the edge of their beds to deter mosquitoes from trying to bite their little toes in the night. 

Ticks are on a whole other level. The ticks at my parent’s farm are everywhere. My dad works in the woods a lot and he is always covered in them. He wears light coloured clothing and he does a tick check every day and yet he still manages to find ticks on him. I am very worried about Lyme disease especially when some of my very close friends and family have been affected and/or infected by it. It is a terrible disease and there is no real cure or enough research. Some people are just not taking it seriously enough. I created the spray as an extra precaution and an extra measure to try and deter all those annoying flies and creepy crawlies from even wanting to try and venture onto myself and the people I love.

These concoctions can also be used simply as a way too freshen up during a hot summer day. Their bug deterring qualities are quite frankly just an added bonus!

For those truly wicked nights, a naturally scented citronella beeswax candle and some extra repellent may be necessary! 

Note: Not all essential oils are safe to use on children, pregnant women or pets. According to my research, the combination of essential oils I have included in my bug deterrent are safe for children above the age of 9; however, in small amounts or sprayed on clothing, this blend should not cause any concern. I use the spray on my children. I spray the Go Away Spray on their clothing and I spray it lightly on exposed skin if the bugs are really bad. The oil is a bit stronger so I would refrain from using it on young children. Contact your vet for information on using essential oils on your pets. According to my research this blend is safe to use if used with caution. Put a drop of oil on a lava bead oil diffusing collar attachment or on a bandanna. Do not apply directly to a dog’s skin.

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