All Natural Body Butter

Hi everyone! I’m really excited about some new products I’ve been working on, one in particular! Most of my products are “anhydrous,” which simply means they do not contain water. Products that contain water must also contain preservatives to extend the shelf life of the product. My products are 100% natural and have a shelf life of approximately six months to a year.

Like many people, I have extremely dry skin, especially in the winter. I have tried every lotion and potion, cream and balm and nothing seems to work. My fingertips still crack and my skin is still flaky. I’ve tried body butters and they seem to work the best, however, I was unsatisfied with some of the ingredients and wondered if they were hurting my skin as opposed to helping it. So I decided to make it myself.

I have been creating and using my own homemade natural body butter for about five years now. I have been reformulating and perfecting my recipe to the point I am at now: almost ready to introduce it to the rest of the world (or at least small-town Ontario!).

I make my body butter using top quality oils and butters, beeswax and essential oils. I whip it so it is light and fluffy and oh so creamy. It is actually like butter. So far I have created two scents, a Lavender citrus mint (Cool Citrus Lavender) and a sweet orange vanilla (Creamsicle). I have never been a scent or fragrance girl. To be 100% honest, when I walk into a room and someone is wearing too much perfume I get a headache and feel lightheaded. I am just really sensitive to scents. Can anyone else relate? Essential oils on the other hand, I absolutely love and I can’t get enough of their naturally intoxicating smells. Plus, they have so many health and beauty benefits (keep an eye out for my next blog about my essential oil blends to read more about the benefits of essential oils).

Essential oil plants water colour

I chose to use Shea Butter as the base for my body butter. I have very dry skin and Shea Butter is very moisturizing and soothing. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps aid in skin conditions such as, dryness, irritation and sun damage. It naturally contains vitamins A and E. It is produced from nuts so if you have a nut sensitivity or allergy, it is recommended to test on a small area of skin prior to use.

Shea nuts and leaves NL

Since my body butter is made without water, some might find it greasy. I personally think it is perfect, but I apply it using a slightly different method to the norm. I slather it on after my bath or shower while my skin is still wet, not damp, actually wet. And then I pat dry. It is so moisturizing and it smells so yummy that I actually feel like I’m leaving a spa every time I leave my bathroom.

I’ve been making body butter in small batches and giving it to my product testers. Emily from Arrow it Forward @arrowitforward thank you very much! I find I’m using up all of my samples before I can give them out.

I’m planning to have the body butter available for sale on Etsy soon, as well as in some small town shops.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at for more information about this new product.

Thanks everyone for your support, or at the very least, humouring me!

1 thought on “All Natural Body Butter

  1. crypticcriticchan June 9, 2019 — 4:02 pm

    I see so many people on here making their own recipes for skin care and body products, and I’m so impressed to see them all, it’s all very impressive! My mom has dry skin, so I will be sure to try this out! Thanks for sharing, and do check out my blog as well. Btw, love the post’s aesthetic! Looking forward to reading more of your work soon! 🙂


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